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Welcome to the Cubeaism Wiki

Cubaeism is both a shared roleplaying concept and a set of challenges for Minecraft. It was created by ArchebuS and the wiki has been maintained by Danny McCormick, until his eventual inactivity. For questions head to the Cubeiasm F.A.Q. or to the Minecraft forum thread. There are also some Proposed Tweaks. You can also check out the complete Lore of Cubeaism, if you are interested in that. If you use Mods, you can check the Integrating Mods page.

Minecraft is a versatile sandbox game where you can do almost anything. The idea of Cubeaism is to give Minecraft a bit more meaning and challenge by following the paths of the gods. Each path is composed of a series of tasks that you must complete to advance to the next 'level' of becoming an acolyte. Anyone can create a god (God creation currently closed during a wiki overhaul), but there are 10 gods officially recognised by the original creator, most of which were created by himself. The original creator has created a Bible for the original canon version.

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To create your own deity follow the guides on the Creating a God Path or God Creation pages, and then please wait until the current overhaul in progress is done. The formal process for creating a deity is currently undoable (post it onto the thread and have it discussed) due to a lack of proper administration at this time and it is preferred new deities are not created until a wiki overhaul is done.

The Story

Main article: Lore of Cubeaism

In the time before, there were three siblings: Roki, Terrae, and Net. They were bored with all that they had in their own dimension, so pooling together their powers they decided to create a world to entertain them. Roki acted first, cutting off his finger and using it to build the bedrock core of the world. Then cutting off the rest of his arm, he layered the world in smoothstone. Gathering his remaining energy, he struck the world as hard as he could with his right arm. The force of the blow created massive amounts of pressure causing diamonds, gold, iron and coal to form at different layers of the world. The resulting earthquakes created great chasms and cave openings leading deep into the earth.

Terrae, looking upon Roki's work said,

"It's a good start, but it’s hard and cold. This world needs beauty and softness as well." And with that, she reached down and picked up chunks of smoothstone and ate them. Chewing and melding them with her delicate tongue, she turned the stone to dirt and spat it back up, covering the world. Then she ran her hand over it and layered the dirt with grass short and tall. With great care, she pushed four of her fingers into the earth. Removing each of them one by one; from the holes... the first oak, birch, pine and spruce trees were born. She then cut her arm, and bled out onto the world creating the oceans.

Net, the youngest of the three, was impressed with what the other siblings had done. But he had not yet fully realised his powers and became sad. He shed a tear and it fell onto the world the siblings had created, from the tear a tiny retarded chicken was born. Net was overwhelmed with joy at his creation, even though it had zero survival instincts and would aimlessly wander off cliffs as often as anything else, he still loved it. Over the years as Net further realised his power, he created pigs, sheep, cows, wolves and squids. The other gods were proud of him and having watched him develop, decided to teach him how to focus his power. With this, Net was able to create the first human.

The humans of the world prospered, and adored their creators. Terrae and Roki took shifts to watch the world, Terrae's eye was bright like fire and caused all her creations to prosper as she watched them. Roki's eye was white and cold, signalling the time for the humans to rest. Many ages past as the world prospered, Roki and Terrae were finally content and continued to watch over it. Net however, became bored and restless again. Using his power, he created the first slime for his amusement. While mostly harmless, the slime had the power to hurt the other beings of the world. When Roki and Terrae looked upon it, they were upset and banished it to only live in the very depths of the world, away from the humans.

This infuriated Net and he demanded his siblings allow his creation room on the surface. The two refused, and having seen his siblings make sacrifices to enhance their powers, he did the same. He cut off his ear and used it to create the first zombie. Terrae and Roki were unable to banish this creature and it quickly began to decimate the humans that the pair loved so much. Seeing the progress of this monster made him want to create more, so he pulled a bone from his arm to create skeletons and eight of his toes to create the spiders. Terrae, seeing Net's growing insanity, cut out an eye and used it to curse his monsters with fire whenever she looked upon them. Roki and Terrae then turned to Net, furious with him and pooled their powers together to banish him to a world of suffering and pain; The Nether. In his last defiant act before his banishment, Net tore his heart out and created the mighty creeper. This creature will stalk the land, immune to the powers of Terrae's eye, and would be a great calamity on the world.

The humans of the world were wiped out, their structures now overrun with creatures and slowly growing moss. Terrea and Roki turned to one another, and using all the energy they had left, they summoned one final human. Spent, the two gods are now only able to take turns passing their eyes across the world, keeping close watch on their last creation, Steve....

The Gods

NO more Redstone deity submissions will be accepted as we have reached max capacity of redstone deities previously! Sorry for the inconvience but thats the way it is. If you have an unique challenge, add it to the comment section of a current redstone deity and I'll add it to the Optional Challenges section. Sorry for the inconvience.

Complete Cubeaistic Deity Table

Deity Name Type of Deity / Deity of What? Creator of Deity
Abstergo God of the Void



Spirit of Jungles and Nature wikia contributor
Belgo Spirit of Villager Protection SnowConez
Celuda Spirit of Redstone Technology Rlack
Cryosa Spirit of the Ice, Snow, and Cold Alpha2Digamma
Cynia Goddess of the Tundra and Taiga Archebus
Damnasse Spirit of Loyalty CloakedShadowFTW
Darathos The Dark (Mystery) sam123486
Definitis  The Paranoid (Mystery) kitterex
Deus Ignis Demon of Fire and Lava Kalebtbacon


Demon of the Ender



Sprit of the End


Faizehr Spirit of Science samocopto


Goddess of the Far Lands Tolbuz


Demon of Griefing


Flynt Spirit of Experimentation Gideon_Seymour
Fructum Spirit of Melons Vxilum
Furan Demon of Pigmen and Villagers araconos
Gluceo God of Cakes ArchebuS
Harenam Demon of the Desert AbysmalNinja
Herobrine The Destructive Blind One Tom_Zero
Howlith God of Wolves araconos
Huon Spirit of Exploration and Settlers huon23
Kopom Spirit of Boundaries, Rivers, and Death Chalybs_Levitas
Kratae The Unknown (Mystery) Dbone5100
Lady of the Pasture Spirit of Animal Husbandry, Cows, Peasants nearlyNon
Mithros Spirit of Miners and Metalsmiths MarginallyDwarven
Moouka God of Mushrooms thought by ArchebuS, created by Gideon_Seymour
Nagrahaale Demon of Pestilence, Famine, and Decay 23232323
Nadir Demon of the Plains? Grendich
Narcus Demon of Symmetry, Death, and Infection kitterex
Net God of Insanity, Madness, and the Nether ArchebuS
Niudla Spirit of Dungeons MarginallyDwarven
Nixos Man made into God Acteon
Nixos (#2) The Prodigy made God ArchebuS
Paltus Demon of Bloodshed and Violence Limitsoflife
Penna Goddess of Air ArchebuS
Pillagis Demon of Drunks and Pirates SpasticBuddha
Poise God of the Oceans ArchebuS
Rifl Spirit of the Hunt Divaglio3578
Roki God of the Underground ArchebuS
Saigon Spirit of the Depths Minecart_Fan
Shen God of Desert Warfare ArchebuS
Simoeis Spirit of Building SpasticBuddha
Soukia The Sinner (Mystery) stingsolid
Spartificate Spirit of Honor and Honorable Combat kitterex
Terrae Goddess of the Overworld ArchebuS
Tesla Demon of Machinery xeneficus
The Holy Apple Spirit of Apples Mr_Brain
Toximit Spirit of Pumpkins CrennyIsKooJ


Goddess of Bravery bbgun09
Valcorona Goddess of Volcanoes and Islands Geodesic9900
Wendigo Demon of Gluttony, Cannibalism, and Depravity EpicTurtles
Wikia Spirit of Knowledge


[PLACEHOLDER] God of Technic Pack


  • Please do not add any more deities. We are working on overhauling what we do have rather than adding more at this time.

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Other Figures:

  • Real-Life Figures such as ArchebuS, Notch and Jeb.
  • Him: A legend who haunts the world of Minecraft. (Page up for deletion eventually)

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